Our risk management and valuations platform

Keeping track of your foreign exchange exposure can be difficult and time consuming, but our cutting-edge risk management platform, SmartHedge, makes this easier. Considering the volatility and fast paced nature of the currency markets, your business will benefit from spending less time processing information and more time making key decisions.

This platform has been created with our clients at front of mind – it’s therefore quick to set up, incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

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Cashflow forecasting

SmartHedge not only assists with managing currency forecasts, but also contextualises these against existing hedging strategies in place.

Decision making

Make the decision-making process as informative and easy as possible. SmartHedge allows you to visualise your total current position using a variety of data.

Options modelling

Visualise all of your structures in one place, model product outcomes, track and anticipate expiries and understand potential financial impacts and risks ahead of time.


Use SmartHedge’s simple and easy-to-run automated reports that update each day giving you quick and easy access to all your outstanding hedging positions in one place.

Stress testing and analysing risk

SmartHedge gives you the power to make informed and data driven decisions, and quickly ‘stress-test’ of your current hedging position using our scenario analysis tool.


SmartHedge gives you direct access to instant, reliable and accurate valuations on your current hedging instruments to effectively manage your mark-to-market exposure.