Currency Exchange and treasury management solutions for UK Importers and Exporters

Unfavourable currency exchange rates can add up and prove damaging to a company’s finances, restricting business growth. Importers and exporters need to avoid currency risk in order to protect their assets, margins and bottom line. We only have to look at the case of China (with UK exports to China being worth approximately £18bn) devaluing the yuan to see how quickly the currency markets move and the devastating impact that can have on profit margins. Even where currency movements are less dramatic, unfavourable currency costs still prove damaging to a company’s overall balance sheet. In 2014, Germany was the UK’s biggest trade partner in terms of import value and the US was the biggest source of export value. Consequently, euro and dollar exchange rates in particular affect many of our UK importing and exporting clients; we help them to create bespoke strategies and treasury management solutions to protect them from currency movements as much as possible and make the most of favourable rate movements.

“Love is a growing company, and we’re always dealing with international suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. Smart Currency Business understands how we work, and tailors the currency strategies according to what we need. We use the money we save on running other parts of our busy operations! What we like most about Smart though, are their great rates and customer service. Unlike other providers, Smart Currency Business always on hand to help with our specific currency needs.”
Louis Sallas, Managing Director, LOVE

Smart Currency Business understands the nuances of the importing and exporting trades. This means that we do not just help you to minimise your currency losses, save time, and mitigate risk; we also understand how currency fits into your operations and logistics, as well as into funding like trade finance.

As a partner of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), Smart Currency Business’s specialists are also available to offer guidance via the UKTI’s Expertise Bank under its e-Exporting Programme.

How Smart Currency Business can help your business to grow internationally:

We help your import and export business to:

  • Minimise losses and mitigate risk through bespoke currency and treasury management strategies.
  • Understand the best currency and financial solution for your business.
  • Save time with efficient and transfers and dedicated account management.

By keeping you informed:

  • Regular forecasts, currency news updates and tailored industry guides to keep your business in the know and help you to plan ahead.
  • Insights on currency, industry-specific and relevant business issues.
  • Regular business-focused events with our specialist partners – your chance to ask the experts!

See how we can help businesses importing and exporting avoid losing money