Aviation Industry Currency Management Strategies

Aviation businesses – the currency landscape

As most transactions in the aviation and aerospace industry are undertaken in US dollars, aviation businesses based in other countries, such as in the UK, need to convert their earnings to sterling in order to fulfil operational costs on home ground.

Currency fluctuations in today’s volatile market mean that there is the risk of currency costs chipping away at the bottom line. This is especially critical for aviation businesses that need to make a significant number of regular transfers between US dollars and other currencies.

Financial directors need to be able to budget for losses on currency conversions and avoid risk wherever possible, in order to maintain a profitable bottom line.

“As a business enjoying high levels of growth, we were keen to add a non-banking service provider to our book of Foreign Exchange suppliers. Smart Currency Business’ clear focus in the aviation sector, coupled with their constant determination towards eliminating currency costs and removing exchange rate risk from our bottom line made them the obvious choice.”
Christopher Whiteside, President, AJW

Solutions and support

At Smart Currency Business, we work with aviation businesses to create bespoke strategies to avoid unnecessary risk and save time on business critical international transfers and payments.

Since we started trading in 2004, we’ve helped over 30,000 clients – including an ever growing number of high flying aviation businesses – to avoid losses on their foreign exchange and develop tailored strategies for risk mitigation.

Smart Currency Business – going the extra mile

  • Our sector specialists have a genuine understanding of the industries that we work with, offering tailored support and regularly providing insightful news and views on currency, the key challenges for the aviation industry and useful business topics.
  • This includes our Insights: Aviation Business publication, which is headlined by key people in the UK aviation industry, like Grahame Jones, COO of Farnborough International Ltd, Christopher Whiteside, President of the AJW Group, Steve Varsano, Founder of The Jet Business, and more.
  • Our Aviation Sector specialists are consistently networking at industry events, and are happy to make introductions where relevant and helpful.

Our traders are not remunerated on commission, but are rewarded for high levels of client satisfaction and retention. This means that they are able to provide impartial guidance on the best strategies and solutions for your business. Our traders take a proactive approach and will notify you when there have been significant rate changes, helping you keep on top of your risk and manage your currency needs effectively.

See how we can help aviation businesses avoid losing money