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In today’s economic and business climate, more companies are growing and expanding their products and service offerings to a larger geographical market. While the accessibility of exporting and importing your goods and services internationally has become easier, it is fraught with pitfalls that can cause businesses to lose their underlying profits if care is not taken. In order to grow a business, many companies’ business plans need to remain agile to react to opportunities, as and when they arise. This can increase the pressure on individual departments in terms of the volume and variety of work that is required with fewer resources and tighter deadlines, which can result in some elements being overlooked.


Effective Treasury Management

One of the areas that can come under increasing pressure is the treasury management department, as they concentrate on finding funds to finance company growth and expansion on the right terms. This can lead to the risk of currency exchange fluctuations being overlooked; many companies are not aware of the importance of creating the right strategy to address this risk. Smart Currency Business works with corporations of all shapes and sizes to mitigate the risk of adverse currency market fluctuations and protect underlying profits.

Business Growth Partnerships

Having received support from Government-backed Growth Accelerator, we understand first-hand the tremendous support that it provides to its high-growth clients. With their guidance, Smart Currency Business was awarded a spot on Accelerate 250, a group of the UK’s vital 6% of businesses that show the largest growth potential and create over half of the UK’s jobs. As part of our dedication to continued growth, we have published our own Insights series focusing on Business Growth featuring contributions from various industry experts, including Growth Accelerator and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).


Live Currency Rates

Get up-to-the-minute live exchange rates for the currency pairs you trade. You can customise this page, so that you can access your pairs with just one click. You will not just see the current rate, but also the mid, high and low value and percentage change.

How we can help you?

Transferring international funds at the right time is critical to a business’s profitability. Knowing how currency markets may shift can help you to manage your currency requirements and lessen your exposure to risk. Smart Currency Business works with your treasury management and finance teams to create bespoke currency hedging strategies based around your business requirements.

We have teams of currency experts that will plan, forecast, execute and develop your strategy, giving you all the support you need to assist you in continuing to grow your business, by helping you avoid losing your profits unnecessarily.

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“Smart Currency Business helped us to develop a currency hedging and budgeting strategy. As a result, we are now able to set out margin for a whole season. We are much more able to look accurately at where discounts can be given, if required. Knowing what our margin is and what we have to pay for goods in advance means that we can negotiate prices that we need with our suppliers.”

Wendy Carter

Finance Director, Simon Carter


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