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In today’s economic and business climate, more and more companies are growing and expanding their products and service offerings to a larger geographical market. While internationally exporting and importing your goods and services has become easier in recent years, it is fraught with potential pitfalls that can negatively impact your company’s bottom line, profits and margins. In order to grow a business, it is necessary to put plans in place that facilitate agility; you need to be in a position to react to opportunities as and when they arise. This can increase the pressure on individual departments, in terms of both the volume and variety of work that is required. As such, the resources available to you can become stretched as deadlines fast approach and, ultimately, result in some elements of running a business being overlooked.


Effective Treasury Management

One of the areas in your business that can come under pressure is the treasury management department. Given that one of their key focuses is on finding funds to finance company growth and expansion on the right terms, it is especially important that attention is paid to currency exchange fluctuations. However, alongside all the other responsibilities, the importance of having an effective currency risk management strategy in place can be overlooked. That is why we are passionate about communicating the potential ramifications of the current climate of uncertainty we find ourselves in. We work closely with our clients to develop bespoke tools that are tailored to each unique situation, thereby helping them mitigate the risk of adverse currency market fluctuations and protect their bottom line, margins and profits.

Accelerating Your Business Growth

It is fair to say that this year has been filled with political and economic uncertainties, with no clear end in sight. Uncertainty has always been a shadow that looms large over the currency markets, but the recent turmoil we have seen in the US and the UK has caused huge volatility to the US dollar and sterling. With that in mind, businesses need to have robust strategies in place to minimise currency costs and mitigate the associated risks. We have helped thousands of clients put adequate measures in place to lessen the effects of an ever-changing currency exchange market and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service; we work closely with our clients to really understand their requirements. Above anything, we want to educate businesses on the pitfalls of foreign currency exposure and the solutions available to them. This is something essential for accelerating the growth of your business.


Live Currency Rates

Get up-to-the-minute live exchange rates for the currency pairs you trade. You can customise this page so you can access your pairs with just one click. You will not just see the current rate, but also the mid, high and low value, as well as the percentage change.

How We Can Help You

Transferring international funds at the right time can be critical to a business’s profitability. Knowing how currency markets might shift facilitates better management of your currency requirements and enables you to lessen your exposure to risk. Smart Currency Business works closely with your treasury management and finance teams to create bespoke currency hedging strategies based around your unique business requirements.

We have a team of currency experts that will plan, forecast, execute and develop bespoke strategies that are tailored to your situation. We believe in nurturing client relationships and, as such, our experts will give you all the support you need to assist you in growing your business by helping you avoid unnecessary profit losses.

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“Smart Currency Business helped us to develop a currency hedging and budgeting strategy. As a result, we are now able to set out margin for a whole season. We are much more able to look accurately at where discounts can be given, if required. Knowing what our margin is and what we have to pay for goods in advance means that we can negotiate prices that we need with our suppliers.”

Wendy Carter

Finance Director, Simon Carter


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