Vanilla Options

A vanilla option provides the right but not the obligation to buy/sell a currency at a specified protected rate at a specific future date, while allowing the holder of the vanilla option to benefit from favourable movements in the market. A premium is payable on a vanilla option.

An example of how a vanilla option works

A UK-based company imports materials from the US and needs to pay a supplier $500,000 in six months’ time.

1. Requirements

The company:

  • would like to benefit from a favourable exchange rate and 100% rate protection
  • is willing to pay a premium for this

2. Current Forward Rate

The forward rate for a six-month period is



3. Solution

The company buys a vanilla option for six months with a protected rate of 1.3250. The premium is


There are two possible scenarios

Scenario 1:

Unfavourable market moves

GBP/USD weakens. At maturity, the exchange rate is 1.2500. The company is entitled to buy the full $500,000 at 1.3250.

Vanilla Options unfavourable market moves graph

Scenario 2:

Favourable market moves

GBP/USD strengthens. At maturity, the exchange rate is 1.4575. The company lets its vanilla option expire and simply buys $500,000 at the market rate of 1.4575, thus benefiting from the 10% improvement in the currency exchange rate.

Vanilla Options favourable market moves graph

Advantages of the vanilla option

  • Provides protection on 100% of the company’s exposure
  • Allows the company to benefit in full from favourable currency moves

Disadvantages of the vanilla option

  • A premium is payable and non-refundable

Key facts

  • Not subject to deposit and/or variation margins

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