Tailor-made currency exchange solutions for your fashion business

Not all currency risk management solutions are made to measure; what might be a perfect fit for one company is not necessarily suitable for another. That’s why we take the time to really understand each fashion business and their individual requirements.

And, while we’d never profess to be experts in haute couture, or know what’s hot and what’s not, we are experts in helping fashion companies grow by helping them protect their margins against adverse currency fluctuations in the currency markets.

“As we approach Brexit, it is more important than ever that the UK fashion and textile industry has access to up-to-date information. UKFT is delighted to be working with Smart Currency Business as much of UKFT’s work is in the promotion of exports. Whether you are selling or buying, management of risk and foreign currencies is an essential part of the business. Smart Currency Business is a respected member of the financial community and covers all global currency spectrums from small start-up businesses to larger enterprises.”

– Adam Mansell, CEO, UKFT

We work closely with the UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) and other fashion industry partners to really be part of the industry and see business trends and challenges before they occur.

With over 10 years’ experience in working with fashion businesses on currency strategies to minimise risk and protect profits, we understand the fashion business cycle inside and out. Companies that design their own products, for example, might have to cost garments months before they land. Costing a spring/summer collection almost a year in advance places huge strains on determining a pricing strategy, not least because it literally is impossible to know what currency markets will be doing a week from now, let alone in a year’s time!

To overcome these potential issues, we help our fashion clients create bespoke currency hedging and treasury management strategies.

“We have used a number of organisations to assist our business with its foreign exchange requirements. We see Smart Currency Business as being far more than just an FX firm. They have offered valued advice and guidance in other areas of the business, specifically funding and finance. We believe they have the expertise and the team to understand our business growth plans, what products to consider, and the best providers to speak to. From tailoring currency hedging needs, to mapping out and delivering funding strategies, Smart Currency are a great resource to have access to.”

– Gareth Austin-Jones, Operations Director, Cocorose London

If you haven’t already done so, we’d recommend you download our latest edition of Fashion Insights, the publication in which we speak to people about getting a business off the ground, their respective journeys, and the potential impact of Brexit on the industry.

Our sector-specific, proactive approach has helped fashion businesses mitigate currency risk, thereby helping them grow and thrive. Above all, we always help businesses find the perfect fit.

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