Currency strategies to maximise profits for film, TV and media companies

Fluctuating currency rates pose considerable problems for film, television and media companies based in the UK, particularly for those with production costs billed in foreign currencies, or receiving payments from abroad. Transferring international funds at the right time and in the right way is key in avoiding the various currency risks faced by this industry, in order to protect profit margins and continue to grow the business. Additionally, film and television businesses can be required to make frequent international transfers and if these currency transfers are inefficient or cost more than they should, this can be a real drain on their already limited time and funds. Smart Currency Business offers a personal service in order to provide clients with fast transfers and the assistance they need to create the right currency strategy for their business.

“Our dealings with Smart Currency Business are personal, unlike these outsourced services that seem to be becoming the norm nowadays. We value customer service very highly and Smart Currency are always efficient, professional and friendly. The service that they offer is transparent, easy-to-use and the rates are great. They provide the kind of service that makes me wonder how we operated before.”
Luke Jacobs, Managing Director, FRIEND

As well as minimising production costs, the UK is one of the top exporters in this industry, so film and television companies wanting to maximise profits when exporting abroad do not want unfavourable exchange rates to eat into their profit margins. Tax relief for films and high-end television programmes has seen a growth in the industry, attracting major titles including Warner Bros. We are excited by the positive impact this has had and are helping clients to devise a currency strategy that best harnesses these opportunities.

Smart Currency Business’s success has grown from our passion for understanding our clients’ requirements and unique challenges. We are continuously developing our expertise within the film, television and media industries, to ensure that we have the latest information in a fast-changing industry. This allows us to help companies like yours avoid losses and minimise risk with strategies specifically tailored to your needs, such as pre-production currency hedging.


How can Smart Currency Business save you time and money?

  • Film, TV and media sector specialist currency consultants
  • Specialist guidance for film and television companies
  • No commission or transfer fees
  • Fast, secure and reliable transfers
  • Quick, easy sign-up process
  • Know the best time to buy with regular market updates and insights
  • Industry-leading account management

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