Currency Note Sterling

Sterling enjoys a good start to Friday

By Smart Currency September 27th, 2013

Although a quiet week for data sterling has enjoyed a positive start to Friday gaining ground against both the euro and the US dollar which has brought it back close to the levels seen at the start of the week. On Wednesday we had impressive UK retail data which buoyed sterling gaining in particular against the US dollar, as it headed back towards its recent 8 month highs. Yesterday though we had disappointing current account balance figures, the difference between the country’s imports and exports, as they failed to reach expected level. The deficit did narrow, but not by its desired amount, and this dampened investors belief in the economy’s recovery. Today, the Nationwide house price index is the only data that may affect sterling’s strength, and with nothing else, we could see a quiet end to the week. Call your trader now for latest price on sterling, at the end of an up and down week.