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The Smart Currency API enables a seamless currency exchange and money transfer experience that integrates with applications and webpages. Our API users can combine Smart’s technology and operations with their systems helping their customers transfer money faster, easier, and securely without ever having to leave their platform.

Login and Authentication API: Before using our API suite, you must first obtain an authentication token by specifying the loginName and password obtained  after you register onto our platform. This token must be present in the HTTP header when making all subsequent API calls.

Beneficiary Management API: Used to manage the beneficiaries on your account, with different validation calls to ensure correct banking data is entered, ability to link and unlink beneficiaries to a contract and disapprove beneficiaries.

Rate Retrieval API: Our rate retrieval API is used to retrieve spot and forward rates.

Trade Management API: Our trade management API enables you to book spot and forward contracts after you have retrieved the rates from the Rate Retrieval API. You also have the ability to book same currency with GBP.

Reporting API: Our reporting API enables you to retrieve and search for data on the following: contracts, beneficiaries, all country data, all currency data etc.