Trade Finance

Close your cash-flow gap with competitively-priced lending solutions

Cash flow can become an issue when there is a delay between paying a supplier and receiving payments from an end customer. Trade finance is a solution to this and can operate at different stages of the procurement process: pre-shipment finance, post-shipment finance and import finance.

Products such as Letters of Credit, whereby the lender uses stock which is being imported or exported as security to provide capital, are frequently-used trade finance instruments.


  • Negotiating better terms with your suppliers (upfront payments and no need to negotiate credit terms with suppliers)
  • Reducing the risk of the price increasing due to currency volatility by paying upfront
  • Purchasing goods in larger quantities to reduce the price per unit
  • Removing cash-flow issues
  • Having funds available for new purchases and expansion


  • Length of trading history: one year
  • Minimum turnover: 1 million per annum
  • Net assets: 200,000
  • Lending range: 50,000 to 3 million

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