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Will todays US retails sales data boost the US dollar

By Ricky Bean December 11th, 2014

The US dollar had a largely disappointing day yesterday, as the slow week for data continued. With nothing major from the country to support the currency, the dollar fell against most of its major peers, including sterling and the euro. Losses were also seen against the Japanese yen, as bigger worldwide events saw demand for this increase thanks to its safe-haven status.

Moving in to today, we see the first major releases of the week for the US dollar. The most significant is likely to be the retail sales figures, where positive figures could help to boost the currency following a lack of support. Alongside this will be the unemployment claims data – positive figures from the labour market could always aid the dollar’s performance. There are also less significant data in the form of import prices and business inventories that could be taken in to consideration, given the sparse nature of data.