Currency Note Sterling

Will this week’s data support further Sterling strength?

By Smart Currency December 2nd, 2013

Sterling finished off Friday with a final flourish, rounding off a strong week for the UK currency with data highlighting that mortgage grants were at their highest level since 2008. Sustained strength saw new heights on Friday as sterling reached the highest level in over two years against the US dollar after a fourth consecutive weekly rise, whilst also experiencing a three week high against the euro. This week, there is a whole range of data being released in the UK which is liable to cause some movements in the markets. The manufacturing, construction and services sectors will release their Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) figures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Thursday then holds the regular Bank of England’s decisions over the quantitative easing and official bank rate, with the accompanying statements of higher impact, before Friday closes with the less influential consumer inflation expectations. Given recent movements and events for the currency, all of the above will be important in seeing whether the currency can consolidate its position and hold on to these very strong levels. Get in touch with your trader now for the latest sterling rates at the start of another exciting week.