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Will they/won’t they “taper” US quantitative easing soon

By Smart Currency July 31st, 2013

The US dollar remained flimsy yesterday ahead of a very data-heavy few days for the world’s largest economy. The dollar did strengthen against a weak sterling and spiked briefly against the euro before quickly relinquishing the ground it had made. Following the previously cautious approach from the Chairman of the Federal Bank with regards to the tapering back of the US bond-buying programme, investors appear reluctant to back the dollar before this evening’s Federal Open Market Committee statement. Should the Chairman’s comments suggest that a tapering back in the near future is likely then expect to see the dollar strengthen significantly, however it may continue to struggle if we see further hesitancy and commitment to an accommodative monetary policy. Tomorrow also sees the release of employment data alongside quarterly Advance GDP data during the afternoon. Changes in monetary policy will only be affected in response to an improvement in economic conditions and the second quarter GDP figures are sure to play a key part in this. Call your trader now to see if the Federal Reserve can spark a change in US dollar fortunes.