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Will they, won’t they taper in September?

By Smart Currency August 19th, 2013

The US dollar largely fared well on Friday, as it looked to close out the week with gains against 13 of its 16 most traded partners. While data such as building permits only came out on par with expectations on Friday, it was the multitude of positive economic data from the country as a whole that continued to provide buoyancy for the currency, as with each new piece comes increased speculation as to the implementation of the tapering program. As we look to the upcoming week, Wednesday will see the Existing Home Sales data released, while influential Unemployment Claims are out on Thursday. These are the two main pieces of information from across the pond this week, and we can expect further talk of tapering should these come out on target, or even more so if they are ahead of expectations. Get in touch with your trader now to hear the latest price for the US dollar, as pressure to reduce the bond buying program continues to build.