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Will German economic sentiment improve?

By Smart Currency August 12th, 2013

French industrial production data came in worse than expected on Friday, indicating a contraction of 1.4% rather than the marginal growth that was predicted. This caused the euro to lose ground against sterling and the US dollar. After strong data sets emanating from Germany earlier in the week managed to drive positive euro performance, worse than expected French data had the opposite effect. This week the spotlight moves back to Germany on Tuesday as we await the release of economic sentiment data, which gauges the German economic outlook over the next six months and is based on a survey of institutional investors. Whilst data from the rest of the Eurozone has been less than convincing, German data must remain upbeat to prevent the euro depreciating. Various other data may impact on euro performance to a lesser extent including quarterly GDP data from the Eurozone countries, preliminary French employment data and monthly Consumer Price Index data. Call in now to see how markets react to developments across the Eurozone.