Currency Note US Dollar

US dollar steady

By Ricky Bean March 26th, 2014

The US dollar again had a mixed day, with no significant movements of note. The US currency steadily weakened against sterling, but made gains against the euro. Data from the country was varied, with consumer confidence figures coming in ahead of expectations, but new home sales data missing predicted figures. As a result, there was no clear movement from the US currency, as again it remained relatively flat.

Today, there is just the one main piece of data due, the core durable goods orders figure. Measuring the change in the value of orders for manufactured goods that last for at least three years, this is an indicator of economic growth or contraction, and could have significant impact on the US dollar. Crude oil inventories are the only other dataset that may interest investors. As such, the US currency will again have little to go on, and investors may look to elsewhere for potential US dollar movements.

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