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US dollar largely unchanged

By Ricky Bean August 20th, 2013

Yesterday was a very quiet day for the US dollar, amid no data at all, and nothing else from the country to spark a move. As such, the US dollar was largely unchanged against most, really only moving inversely to its partner’s market performances. Today is empty on the data front once more, so all market eyes will look towards Wednesday’s important release of the minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee. This could prove to be crucial for the US dollar, as it may give clearer clues as to whether we can expect the quantitative easing process of bond buying to be wound back. Many suggest we could see this soon, albeit to a small degree to begin with. Nonetheless, when the Federal Reserve does begin it’s tapering, it will most likely aid the strength of the country’s currency. Call your trader now for the latest price on the US dollar, as investors await further indications.