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US Dollar – having a quiet start to the week

By Ricky Bean March 10th, 2015

A very quiet Monday for the US dollar; the momentum from the positive Non-farm Employment data released in Friday continued, but the currency did retrace its steps later in the afternoon. The only data released was Labour Market Conditions which had little effect on the markets.

Today is predicted to be another quite day, with the only releases being Wholesale Inventories and Job openings for the month of March. Thursday and Friday are the key dates for this week with the release of Retail Sales on Thursday and inflation data on Friday. This is all building up to the Federal Reserve meeting next week and the will they/won’t they or when will they increase US interest rates debate. If they do surprise the markets we should expect parity for the US dollar against the euro to be very much on the cards and a lot of pressure for sterling to weaken below the 1.50 level.