Currency Note Sterling

Sterling strengthens as financial optimism increases

By Ricky Bean October 8th, 2013

Sterling started the week on a positive note, with a report showing increased optimism in the UK’s financial industry pushing the currency up. With the optimism level improving in the third quarter, it gave renewed hope to the strength of the country’s economy and as a result, we saw the pound appreciate against 15 of its 16 most traded partner. Aside from this, yesterday was distinctly quiet for sterling, with no actual economic data figures released to have any bearing on the currency. There is little forecast to be released today that could give investors greater clarity as to the health of the UK’s economy. Tomorrow could spark some movement as manufacturing production data is released; but in the meantime, sterling’s movement will likely be created from news released elsewhere. Call your trader now for the latest price on sterling, as the recovery looks to be growing.