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Sterling faces uncertain week

By Smart Currency July 29th, 2013

Sterling experienced a fairly steady day on Friday in the absence of any real data of note being released. Looking ahead to this week, all eyes will be on Thursday as the Bank of England will meet for the second time with Mark Carney as the new Governor. Last week there was increased speculation that we could see a possible change of stance with regards to monetary policy so traders will be watching even more closely than usual. The markets will likely be nervous in the run up to the release and then we could see big moves once the Monetary Policy Committee have announced any changes or lack there of. Further commitment to keeping interest rates at 0.5% or any increased likelihood of an increase in asset-purchasing will likely cause sterling to depreciate sharply. Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data is also released on Thursday before the announcement from the Bank of England so could create increased volatility first thing . We have seen moderate growth in the manufacturing sector during the last two months, however recovery has been far from convincing and this data will have an effect on faith in a sterling recovery. Finally, Construction Purchasing Managers Index figures will be released on Friday and have a similar capacity to affect performance. Call in now to see how market chatter affects the pound ahead of key releases on Thursday.