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Speculation heightens on potential US interest rate hike

By Ricky Bean November 13th, 2015

After a very quiet start to the week, the start of major data releases was not seen until Thursday. The weekly unemployment rate remained stable, but as it was just short of the expected figure, it did not have too much of an impact on the US dollar. JOLTS job openings data came out better than expected, posting the highest release in two months.

Three members of the US Federal Reserve spoke yesterday The main comment of note was from Lacker, who said that the case for the central bank to increase interest rates is now strong, adding to speculation about a December rate hike.

Today we can expect another busy day, with producer inflation and retails sales data. Both are expected to show continued growth. If this happens, we can see added fuel to the December rate hike fire. We also have consumer confidence due out later in the afternoon, also expected to show growth.