Currency Note Sterling

Quiet week for data

By Smart Currency August 19th, 2013

Sterling finished the week on Friday fairly inconspicuously, showing little change across the day, but still ending ahead for the week against both the dollar and the euro. This quiet patch after a busy week came as little surprise, due to there being no data relating directly to the currency being released. As we move into this week, there is not much in terms of important sterling data releases. Less significant data such as public sector net borrowing will be released on Wednesday. We must wait until Friday until the second estimate of GDP, traditionally seen as a significant indicator of the state of the economy as a whole, as it is the broadest measure of economic activity, for something more influential. With little apart from this due out, we may well see a quieter week for sterling, especially in the first half. Call your trader today to get the latest price on sterling as it attempts to continue last week’s positive activity and maintain its current strength.