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Poor employment data undermine the US dollar

By Smart Currency August 5th, 2013

Friday rounded off a volatile week for the US dollar, with another day of big movement. Early in the day the US dollar enjoyed slight gains following data released on Thursday showing a fall in jobless claims, before seeing these gains wiped out as it plummeted, losing ground quickly over the day against most of its major trading partners. This trend was set after the non-farm payrolls data came our much lower than expected, detailing growth of 162’000 in July versus forecasts of 185’000 – the lowest number since March. Moreover, last moths figures were also revised lower. As such, expectations that the Federal Reserve would start tapering by starting any time soon were lowered, as they have stated this would only be considered if significant improvements were seen in the labour market, and as such will want to see more sustainable growth in this area before implementing this. Important data due this week for the US dollar includes non-manufacturing PMI, the trade balance, and further unemployment data in the shape of the weekly unemployment claims figures, all of which could see a reaction from the US dollar rates. Call your trader today for the latest price on the Dollar.