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Eurozone troubles still centre on Greece

By Ricky Bean February 13th, 2015

 The euro on Thursday remained under pressure. Over the course of the week it has held its own against sterling, although it did hit a seven year low at one point, and it has gained ground against the US dollar but is still close to eleven year lows.

Yesterday the German Consumer Price Index came out exactly as forecast, and year-on-year industrial production was worse than expected, at a negative 0.2%.

Greece is seemingly no closer to reaching a debt deal with its creditors as Wednesdays meeting of Eurozone Finance Ministers passed without progress.  On Monday we have the next meeting in what is a painfully tense process which could result in the breakup of the euro zone.  This situation is likely to dominate the Eurozone agenda for the next few weeks as politicians fight tooth and nail for the best for their side.