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Eurozone sentiment weakens

By Ricky Bean June 10th, 2014

As the most of the Eurozone population enjoyed another bank holiday yesterday, the single currency fell against both sterling and the US dollar. The Sentix Investor Confidence Index is a monthly index that reflects the economic outlook of analysts and investors in the Eurozone. This month the index showed much less optimism than was expected from within the eighteen-nation bloc. The 2,800 investors surveyed gave the worst 6-month outlook on the Eurozone economy in 2014 and caused the euro to weaken throughout the day, notably causing the euro-US dollar rate to end the day back below 1.36.

French and Italian Industrial Production figures have some potential to influence movements in euro rates today; however, there are a number of figures due out elsewhere, which may play a greater role in defining the relative performance of the single currency.