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Euro weak due to continued Greek uncertainty

By Ricky Bean March 31st, 2015

Just like sterling, the euro had a quiet start to the week. Talks between Greece and its creditors are on-going and are said to be upbeat, although lenders say it could take several more days before a list of measures and reforms are agreed. Germany released its inflation figures which showed that Germany had emerged from deflation after one month albeit only just.

Today we have the release of inflation figures for the Eurozone. Overall inflation is expected to show an improvement albeit still negative at -0.1% and core inflation steady at 0.7%. We also have the unemployment figures for the Eurozone released which are expected to be steady at 11.2%. Still very high, especially in the southern states. Hopefully it will start to come down as we see the benefits of the Eurozone quantitative easing programme begin to flow through.

The uncertain geo-political environment is still hampering the euro. Contact your trader to stay up to date with the latest developments and discuss currency buying strategies to manage this risk.