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Euro steady pending ECB Presidents speech

By Smart Currency September 11th, 2013

Yesterday was a quiet day for the euro as it traded within a relatively narrow range against its major trading partners. After being boosted by much improved investor sentiment on Monday, the single currency seemed to stall yesterday, as it weakened slightly against sterling and we saw the euro plateau against the US dollar. French Manufacturing data came through worse than expected, detailing slight contraction in the sector as opposed to the marginal growth that was predicted. The data proved not to be hugely influential, but may have contributed to the single currency’s failure to capitalise on Monday’s positivity. Today, German 10-year bond yields may have a bearing on euro performance, but we will see more influential events tomorrow as ECB president Mario Draghi speaks again and monthly Industrial Production data for the Eurozone comes through. Call your data now to see how markets react in the run up to Draghi’s next address.