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Euro steady as we await news from the US

By Ricky Bean October 15th, 2013

In what was a very quiet day in terms of market data across all currency’s due to public holidays with more attention than usual being paid to European Industrial Production figures. The month on month figure was posted at 1% which compared favourably to last months revised figure of -1%. This morning we have the German ZEW survey, this is a survey from German Business on how they feel about the current economic climate. A figure above 50 is considered good but today’s number is expected just fall short at around 49.6. The euro has not been seeing much of the headlines in recent weeks due to the issues in the US. This has seen the euro strengthen by over one cent against the US dollar in the last few days as uncertainty still weighs in the US. The rest of the week is fairly thin in terms of data with CPI (inflation) figures released mid-week. Call in now to see how the euro is fairing today.