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Euro hits two year highs against dollar

By Ricky Bean October 24th, 2013

The single currency yielded some of its earlier gains which had seen it rise to two year highs against the dollar and four year highs against yen. Euro strength may not be the driving factor behind these gains but there have been some positive notes of late. The Eurozone’s recovery seems to be steadily improving and news of the region’s debt crisis seems a distant memory to most. Obviously, the main driving factor has been the weakness of the American economy of late and investors are now of the opinion that tapering of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy of printing money will be happening later i.e. next year rather than sooner i.e. this year – all positives for the Euro. Today we have PMI figures released in the morning for Manufacturing, Composite and Services, all are expected to be above the key 50 level which shows signs of growth. Call in now for the latest information and rates.