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Busy times for the US economy and its currency

By Ricky Bean March 2nd, 2015

Friday was a positive day overall for the US, who saw their economy grow by 2.2%, making it the fastest growing economy in the developed world. Another welcome development came in the form of positive consumer confidence. However the US dollar was undermined towards the end of the day as a Federal Reserve Member cautioned against US interest rates being increased too quickly.

Another busy week is in store for the US, starting with the Purchasing Manager Indices (PMI) for Manufacturing coming out on Monday, as well as personal income and spending. Federal Chair Yellen has described these data releases as a possible threshold that she wants to see increase before raising interest rates. Yellen is actually due to speak mid-week – she may vote for an interest rate hike, with a few Federal Reserve members already suggesting June as the possible month for the start of a rate hike. Non-Manufacturing PMI is out also due, and expected to show continued growth, along with an indicator for employment change.

Thursday will see another indicator for unemployment claims data for the US, leading up to the all-important Non-Farm Employment change data released on Friday. Federal Reserve Member Williams also speaks on Thursday, shining the spotlight on another member predicting when the start of an Interest rate hike may take place.

Friday is likely to be the most volatile day for the US Dollar with the Non-Farm Employment change due, which has shown steady positive growth in the employment market. Average Earnings data is also out, a key figure that the Federal Reserve want to keep an eye on, along with the Trade Balance figures and unemployment rate following from the Employment change release.

The fortunes of the US dollar are moving up and down in these uncertain times. If you are looking to buy or sell US dollars, we suggest contacting your trader now for the latest rates, economic and market news and currency buying strategies.