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A big day ahead for the US dollar

By Ricky Bean June 5th, 2015

Thursday was a rather strange day for the US dollar, as it first lost ground against both sterling and the euro, before regaining value against both as the day went on.

This initial loss was largely down to the rhetoric coming from the European Central Bank (ECB), and the news that Mario Draghi sees Eurozone inflation moving in a positive direction in the near future. The gains for the US dollar later on, came to the positive unemployment claims figures – showing a fall from 280,000 to 276,000 – indicating an optimistic sentiment for the American economy.

The big data today is the all-important Non-farm payroll figure. This is expected to come in around the 226,000 mark – 3,000 higher than the previous of 223,000 – if the positive unemployment claims data from yesterday anything to go by. Should this data come in as expected, we could well see the dollar strengthen further.

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