Currency Note Sterling

A bad Thursday for sterling, have we seen the best for it?

By Ricky Bean December 6th, 2013

Sterling plummeted on Thursday following the announcements from the European Central Bank and the Bank of England post their monthly meetings. This was after a strong week for sterling that had seen it reach two-year highs against the dollar and near year-highs against the euro. The announcement for the BoE was very much as expected with no change being the order of the day. The ECB announcement was very similar but it was what was unsaid that caused the euro to strengthen and sterling to lose just over a cent in a very short period of time as investors sold sterling to cash in on the gains made in the last two weeks. Next week sees only a few releases that could affect sterling so it will events elsewhere that are likely to have the greatest bearing. Please call in to see if the tide has broken for sterling strength and the latest prices.