Business Finance Solutions

Business finance solutions: closing your cash-flow gap and unlocking working capital

While the need for lending products has increased, banks have largely moved out of the short-term lending space, particularly for SMEs. We’ll help you get the finance you require to take advantage of bulk-buying, other purchasing and business growth opportunities which help you develop your business.

Our clients take advantage of a number of lending products, offered by our trusted partners. See how you can boost your growth potential with these financing options:

Trade Finance

Also known as import and export finance, trade finance supports your buying process with third-party funding and management.

This solution provides ways of easing the whole process of working with suppliers by letting you manage your working capital effectively during the trade cycle. From receipt of purchase orders through to sale of goods, trade finance will help manage risk, credit terms and payment flows to ensure you get the required goods when you want them.

Invoice Financing

Tied-up funds are a major obstacle to business growth and clients increasingly tell us that their cash-flow gap has been widening. That is because buyers continue to request better and better credit terms which businesses feel forced to offer to remain competitive. The impact this has on a business’s purchasing power is significant.

We introduce you to specialist providers of invoice finance to unlock cash to purchase the next load of goods prior to getting paid by clients. The process is straightforward: You get your invoices paid by a finance provider and pay back the credit plus an agreed fee when you get paid by your clients.

Asset-Based Lending

While trade finance and invoice finance cover your cash-flow gap from the point when you have to pay your suppliers to the point when you receive the payments from your clients, asset-based lending allows you to raise extra cash, beyond what you’ve already spent on goods. This form of finance is essentially a revolving credit line that uses certain assets of your company as collateral.

Finance Leasing

Also under the umbrella of asset finance, finance leasing is an agreement between your business and a leasing company. To free up cash to invest, the leasing company buys certain assets of your business and then rent them back to you for an agreed period of time.

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