Smart API: Automating International Payments


Let us take care of your foreign exchange transactions so you can focus on growing your business

Use cutting-edge business technology, combined with the financial expertise of our team, to automate your payment processes and manage the associated risk.

What API stands for in technical terms is Application Programming Interface. In brief, it describes the programming and technology used to connect your in-house systems with external systems to enhance your business’s infrastructure.

How our API solutions enhance your capabilities

Straight-through efficiency – Process your payments, including the foreign exchange element, in just a few clicks. So you effectively outsource the payments aspect of your back office function and speeds up processes.

Transparent pricing – With our ‘live-rates API’ you’ll see the exact exchange rate before you trade and also the inherent costs for both spot transactions and hedging.

Cost savings – Our solutions are tailored to your requirements. We help you cover your foreign exchange exposure and risk up to the required level. We offer reduced margins and don’t charge transfer fees.

Bottom line protection – Deals with medium to long-term exposures can be automatically hedged on an individual basis, negating the currency risk and offering further clarity on profits and margins for both management and accounting purposes.

Reporting – There’s no need to chase payments because you’ll be alerted when funds are sent and received. You can also generate a monthly report, breaking down individual transactions and associated costs.

We offer two types of API solutions:


Plug the Smart Online payment processing platform into your system and send any currency from our wide range to multiple beneficiaries.


Have a tailored solution built for you to meet all your individual business requirements.

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