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The Australian, Canadian and Japanese central banks meet this week

By Ricky Bean September 2nd, 2013

Elsewhere, Friday was an eventful day for the Japanese yen as it strengthened against the majority of its major peers. As a safe haven currency, the yen has to some extent been the beneficiary of increased risk aversion over the last week and this effect was heightened on Friday as investors predict that the negativity affecting emerging-market assets is set to continue. Looking ahead to this week, we have a number of influential rate statements from central banks, press conferences and important data. Expect further volatility for the Australian Dollar as we await building approval data and retail sales figures earlier in the week, before quarterly GDP figures on Wednesday. Wednesday could also see reasonable movement for the Canadian Dollar as trade balance data and the Bank of Canada rate decision come through. Following this we will see a rate decision from the Bank of Japan on Thursday and following press conference. Call your trader now for a live price from the market.