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Raft of data could spell a busy day for the euro

By Ricky Bean January 29th, 2016

After a relatively quiet week so far for the euro in terms of Eurozone data releases, the single currency had a negative day on Thursday against many of its major peers. This was mostly due to uncertainty surrounding not only the EU referendum, which has been pencilled in for June, but also the continuing issues and debates following the global oil and commodity prices. German consumer inflation data continued to post a negative figure yesterday, hinting at further weakness in the Eurozone. Negative data coming out from both Italy and Spain added fuel to the Eurozone’s figurative fire.

This morning we have raft of data coming from France, Spain and Germany, as well as an all-important Consumer Price Index (CPI) estimate from the Eurozone. An indicator of inflation, the latter is a key factor in Eurozone monetary policies, and will be viewed with interest by investors.