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Key flow of Chinese data, how will their Government react?

By Ricky Bean May 5th, 2015

  • The Japanese yen struggled at the end of last week after a number of pieces of poor data. The overall consensus was that the Japanese economy is struggling to maintain the central bank’s ambitious target of sustaining 2% inflation. The key pieces of data showed that core consumer prices rose 2.2% year on year in March, while the jobless rate tickled down to 3.4%.
  • Chinese data will be continuous this week and should give us a much better understanding of how this key world economy is performing. Any slowdown is expected to be supported by positive action by the Chinese Government which will help them and the rest of the world to keep moving forward.
  • There was more positive news from Australia, where producer prices rose 0.5% quarter-on-quarter, coming out above expectations.

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