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Key Chinese data and a busy week for Australia and New Zealand

By Ricky Bean September 7th, 2015

  • China trade data is out tomorrow and is expected to show further slowdown in both imports and exports as falls in commodity prices and reduced demand take effect. Any shift from expectation is likely to have a significant effect given the sensitivity to the Chines economy at this moment in time
  • We have a busy week ahead for the Oceanic nations, as Australia and New Zealand will see a series of important data releases. We are expecting important unemployment figures from Australia on Tuesday, as well as business confidence data. Given that last month’s unemployment rate was below expectations, it will be interesting to see how the labour market has performed more recently, especially in the face of the recent crunch on commodities.
  • The New Zealand economy will have its busiest day on Wednesday in terms of significant data releases, with the official cash rate as the main focus of the day and week.

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