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How will the problems in Iraq effect currency markets?

By Ricky Bean June 16th, 2014

Friday was relatively quiet in terms of data from the smaller players in the market. On the other hand, we saw bigger players like the Japanese yen loose out following disappointing industrial productions data and rhetoric from the Bank of Japan that failed to impress the market. China also released industrial production figures, a data set that settled right on expectations, with no surprises to affect currency movements.

Today there are no data releases worth of note. In South African it is Youth Day, a bank holiday. Tomorrow there is inflation data to be released from Switzerland, where we expect to see an improvement from previous figures. Friday holds a lot of information with regards to the health of the Canadian economy, with several data releases due, notably concerning inflation and retail sales. It is worth keeping an eye on news regarding developments in Iraq, especially with its effect on commodity prices and knock-on effect on risk sentiment.

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