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Historic Iran agreement reduces oil price

By Smart Currency November 26th, 2013

Elsewhere yesterday, a number of currencies were affected by the news out of Switzerland where diplomats from around the world met to discuss Iran’s nuclear weapons program. A deal was agreed that Iran would curb much of its nuclear activities, and in return would see the lifting of sanctions that have recently been imposed on the country’s international trade. As a key oil-producing nation, the news triggered a 2% drop in the price of Brent crude. Because of this, we saw the Canadian dollar drop to its lowest level in four months against its US counterpart. With oil being the primary commodity being shipped out of the export-reliant nation, any significant drop in price can heavily impact Canada’s trade balance. The Japanese yen also struggled yesterday, again in response to the Iran deal. Following the deal there was a renewed risk-aversion in the marketplace, which is bad news for the traditionally safe-haven yen. With the country importing around 80% of its oil from abroad, the Indian rupee had a strong day, gaining against the majority of its peers. A quiet day on the data front today means that markets will be susceptible to external factors. Get in touch with your trader for a live rate.