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Canadian politicians talk down the Canadian dollar

By Ricky Bean January 7th, 2014

Elsewhere, we saw the Canadian dollar weaken yesterday, dropping off against the majority of its most traded peers in reaction to comments made by the Canadian Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty. In a TV interview aired on Sunday, Mr Flaherty eluded to a conversation he had with the central bank Governor in which they had discussed the benefits of softening the dollar over coming months. It was decided that the country’s manufacturing industry would be aided considerably by a weaker currency, and as a result we saw a sell-off of the Canadian dollar throughout yesterday morning. The Australian dollar advanced yesterday in anticipation of trade balance and retail sales figures, both of which are forecast to positive. We also saw the South African rand advance following an announcement that the country will retain its credit rating. Today we have trade balance figures from Canada and Australia. Out of Canada we also have the Purchasing Manager Index data on economic health. Get in touch for a live rate.