Sterling starts the year with ups and downs

By Christopher Nye January 5th, 2015


The CEO of Smart Currency Business recently produced a weekly currency market update that featured on the Business Money website. You can read how sterling has started the year with some ups and downs. The article also provides information on what has been happening to the euro and US dollar since the turn of the year. It is interesting to see just how quickly exchange rates can move; throughout the course of the day currencies can experience significant swings.

We have also detailed what is happening in Sweden at the moment, as December saw some unexpected manufacturing expansion. From 52.7 in April, the purchasing managers’ index jumped to 55.4 in December. Any figure over 50 indicates that there is expansion and, as a result of the surprising data, the¬†Swedish krone has strengthened.

Meanwhile, the euro has had a poor start to 2015, where it has moved to a six-year low against sterling. The continuing uncertainty across the eurozone is not helping matters, not least because of the upcoming Greek elections. It is possible that the result could bring in an anti-eurozone government which could weaken the relationship between Greece and its fellow eurozone countries.

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