Fashion SME Exporters Require More Support

By Ricky Bean November 5th, 2014

Image L-R: Mark Fenn from  Microbiological Solutions; Carl Hasty from Smart Currency Business; The Brave & The Bold host Natasha Kaplinsky

Disappointing news reports that the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) grants, provided by government body UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to SME exporters, faces a 50% cut in the first financial quarter of 2015. Supporting members of the programme include the UK Fashion & Textile Association.

“Many of the fashion businesses that we work with have benefited greatly from support from both UKTI and UKFT,” says Alex Bennett, Fashion Business Specialist at

“We hope that the Government can provide enough financial support to these two organisations, which have helped UK fashion SMEs export successfully. We will also continue to support vital associations like UKFT and UKTI in their efforts, who have both helped a number of our fashion clients expand internationally.”

“In the meantime, saving on costs are crucial in the current climate, and SME exporters need to assess their finances and obtain help where possible in order to continue to plans for exporting – this includes from organisations like the UKFT and UKTI.”


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