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GBP: new month but same topics dominate headlines

By Smart Currency June 2nd, 2017

Yesterday marked the start of a new month and the countdown to the 2017 UK general election. Recent polls have been dominating headlines and the pound has responded with volatility. YouGov’s midweek poll suggested the Conservatives were only ahead by three points.

Of course, Brexit is a key focus for many electorates and the economic health of the UK is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. One of the key drivers, post-referendum, is manufacturing. Yesterday’s data suggests the weak pound has really helped boost this sector, achieving the second fastest growth in nearly three months for May. This led to more employment to help cope with increased demand.

Admittedly, manufacturing across the Eurozone has been performing particularly well, growing at the fastest rate in more than six years. So, if you’re looking for some improvement against the euro, we might have to look towards other data pieces.