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GBP: cost of living in the UK eases a little

By Callum Holmes January 17th, 2018

The main talking point from yesterday was that the consumer price index increased by 3.0% in December from 3.1% the month before. With wage growth at 2.3% UK households are continuing to feel a squeeze, but to a lesser extent. In the aftermath of the release, many analysts and economists stated they were hopeful inflation has now passed its peak.

Theresa May’s official spokesman issued a statement that said there would be no bailout for Carillion, while Britain’s trade unions called for a national taskforce to be set up. They highlighted the need for UK firms to be protected from Carillion’s collapse, while the Bank of England said Britain’s financial system can cope with the collapse.

Today is extremely quiet for economic data, so why not download our forecasts and have a read of what the major banks are predicting over the next few months. Some of the disparities are fascinating and confirms our belief that it is easier to predict the outcome of Brexit that the movement currencies, and the former is not for the faint hearted!


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