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Canadian Dollar keeps rising and Japanese Yen performs well

By Ricky Bean July 30th, 2013

Elsewhere, the Canadian dollar had another strong day yesterday, rising for the third consecutive day and climbing against the majority of its major peers. The strong performance was down to crude oil, the nation’s biggest export, trading above $100 a barrel for the 18th day in a row. The performance is concluding a strong month for the Canadian currency, which has logged gains of 2.5% against its US counterpart this month. The Japanese yen was also a standout performer, with a 3% plunge in the Japanese stock index leading to a hike in demand for the safe haven currency. Strong monthly retail sales were also a catalyst for the yen’s strong performance. The New Zealand dollar struggled yesterday, losing out against the majority of its most traded peers, as the Prime Minister, John Key, claimed that it was ‘overvalued’ and that the government would welcome a slide. Overnight eyes were on Australia, with monthly building approvals statistics being followed by a statement from the central bank governor. Later today we have monthly raw material prices data out of Canada, a good overall inflation indicator. Get in touch for live rates