Case Studies

Production company likes the Smart Currency Business approach

By Smart Currency December 12th, 2012

For this production company client, it’s common practice to be juggling numerous commercial, short film and music video projects across Europe and the USA at any one time. With so many suppliers including directors, crew and venues to be paid, it is essential to implement a currency strategy that works, involves minimal hassle and most importantly, doesn’t take up precious time.

The firm’s Managing Director told us: “We’ve been using Smart Currency Business for a while now and the difference that it has made to how we operate has been huge. Prior to discovering Smart Currency Business, we used the bank to make all of our international transfers, which was a disaster because the exchange rates that we were offered were dreadful.

He elaborated: “People just don’t realise how bad basic banking provision is for overseas currency transfers – even by an international company the size of HSBC. We were being charged £17 per payment and were repeatedly offered lousy exchange rates. Banks are making money hand- over- fist on those transactions – I’m shocked that more people aren’t aware that there is a far better way of making international transfers that can save you money and time”.

As well as the better-than-bank exchange rates that Smart Currency Business offered them, it was the ease of service that appealed: “We’re always short on time and the fact that we can do all our deals over the phone is a huge bonus. If we were to make a mistake, give the wrong details or something, we can be straight on the phone to our personal trader, and it’ll be rectified immediately. Our dealings with Smart Currency Business are personal, unlike these outsourced services that seem to be becoming the norm nowadays”.

When asked whether he had considered enlisting the services of a different international currency specialist, they stated: “Why would I? We value customer service very highly and the Smart Currency Business team are always efficient, professional and friendly. The service that they offer is transparent, easy-to-use and the rates are great. They provide the kind of service that makes me wonder how we operated before”.

“As the world continues to globalise, the service that Smart Currency Business provides is only going to become increasingly important. I’d happily recommend them to any business I know that could benefit from their service”.

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