Case Studies

Introducer Case Study – Peter Jaggs

By Ricky Bean June 30th, 2014

  1.  How did you come across Smart Currency Business?

    I was a customer of yours to start with. My brother and sister-in-law also work with one of Smart Currency Business’s partners, so I was familiar with the company and the way they work. About two years ago, I introduced some of my trade contracts to Smart Currency Business – that established our relationship.

  2. How do you introduce prospective clients to Smart Currency Business?

    The fact that I know people in the trade is important. If people know you, either personally or as a professional colleague, they’re far more likely to try something that you suggest. I started off by introducing my personal contacts, then went on to approach people in the furniture trade that I know.

  3. How do you source prospective clients nowadays?

    My method of finding contacts is trade shows. I understand that they’re there to try and sell things, though, rather than buy something, so I tend to keep it short and sweet. I don’t want to take up a salesman’s time when he could be selling, so I’ll try to operate in quieter times, when they’re happy for someone to chat to. This tends to be at the beginning and end of a show. Half of the time the financial guy won’t be there, anyway. All I’ve got to do is to find out who he or she is, and to get their contact details.

  4. What do you think is the best way to introduce someone to Smart Currency Business?

    By catching the right person at the right time, and being patient. Sometimes you’re too busy to deal with things that aren’t crucial to your business, sometimes you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, so it’s a matter of working it around your business. Sometimes it’s a case of timing, for example, when a decision-maker is on the verge of making a currency exchange, and they happen to call you at the right time. When this happens, you just think, “I’ll give it a try and see what I can do.” There isn’t a formula.

  5. How do you get someone to give Smart Currency Business a go?

    I stress the fact that it’s a private company. Smart Currency Business is regulated by the same authorities that regulate the banks, so I mention that. People like to know that their money is safe. It’s also easier for me, as I’ve had personal experience of dealing with Smart Currency Business as a client. I know that the company is efficient and effective, and that I get that personal contact, with as much information as needed to help me along the way.

  6. What do you think of the currency and business-related content provided by Smart Currency Business? Is it useful?

    Yes. Prospective customers who may not have the time to speak or be looking to buy currency at that moment in time are still happy to receive emails with the content that Smart Currency Business provides. That gives me confidence in the company. I think the paper publications produced and the regular emails are very well presented. It just gives additional comfort to a potential customer, that they’re dealing with a knowledgeable company that’s willing to go the extra mile.

    Content is especially important for new customers. They need to know that it’s a proper company that they’re dealing with, not a couple of kids in a back office. Providing that information promotes the professional aspect of your operations.

  7. Do you think Smart Currency Business provides competitive Rates?

    Yes. I introduced a very good friend of mine, and he is now a Smart Currency Business client. He’s the sort of person who would compare rates and work the company very hard against other foreign exchange companies, but they give him the best rates.

    I used to do the same myself, checking every now and then that the rates I was being offered were competitive. I’d check up-to-date spot rates, which I understood I was never going to get, and check that I was getting a good deal on spot.

  8. What else do you like about Smart Currency Business?

    Operating tolerance. They’re happy to sell both small and large amounts of currency.

  9. Has Smart Currency Business provided you with more knowledge about currency markets?

    Yes. Nowadays, though, I’ve scaled my business quite a lot, I’m almost retired. My need to know has reduced, but I’m still interested. As long as I understand the concept, I’m confident enough to talk to people.

  10. How has your overall experience of working with Smart Currency Business been so far?

    It’s been great!