Case Studies

Drilling for success with a fast and efficient currency exchange

By Smart Currency November 11th, 2012

When your livelihood depends entirely on the whims of Mother Nature, it is absolutely vital to address the areas of your business that you can establish complete control over. This is the issue faced by a client who designs and manufacture agricultural seed drills for farmers.

The owner of the company tells us: “Our industry is 100 per cent weather dependent so if there is a bad year, of course this impacts on sales of our drills. 2012 has been a year of uncertainty. Some places haven’t even harvested yet and unfortunately this takes its toll”.

The business came to life after the owner’s husband designed and built his own seed drill.

After a neighbour caught glimpse of the innovative design and enquired as to whether he could purchase one of his own, word spread and soon their drills were being sold throughout the UK and across the water in Europe. With a need to pay suppliers in Germany and Italy, the company turned to their high street bank to complete the transfers.

She explained: “We used to have to travel to the bank, queue, wait in the bank for half an hour while they manually checked everything and then leave not knowing when they payment would clear. Inevitably it would take about a week and as business grew and we needed to pay suppliers more efficiently this level of service was no longer acceptable. This is when we began our search for a currency expert, found Smart Currency Business and, since that day, we haven’t looked back”.

“Initially, Smart Currency Business enticed us with good exchange rates, but it was the incredibly simple process, excellent customer service and invaluable advice offered by Alex Bennett on how we should budget for international currency transfers which made us continue to use them. If I were ever to encounter someone who could benefit from their service like we have, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!”

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