Case Studies

About time for antiques

By Smart Currency November 1st, 2012

The business of buying and selling antiques is not the same as your everyday retail operation. With such prized pieces of history on sale, buyers and sellers don’t tend to make hasty decisions. Although the need for international payments can be erratic, when it does arise, it is important that payments are made swiftly and that an agreeable exchange rate is achieved every time.

After running an established antiques business, our client decided to branch out on his own and his new company now handles exquisite timepieces from a range of makers spanning the globe.

“After receiving the recommendation, I took the time to investigate Smart and a number of their competitors. The service that Smart Currency Business provided was by far and away the best of the bunch, the rates offered put those offered by the banks to shame and no expensive fees were charged. Above all, Smart Currency were reliable and trustworthy – just what we were looking for”.

He was impressed by the levels of service received from his personal trader: “I was instantly put at ease, so much so, that I decided to use Smart Currency Business for not only my business account but my personal transfers too”.

He continued: “No matter how close together or far apart my payments are, the team are always on hand as soon as the need to make an international transfer arises. I am kept in the loop at all times so I always know where my money is and I enjoy feeling confident that I am getting the best rates possible at time of trade”.

In addition, Smart Currency Business’s client was quick to express his joy after hearing that Smart Currency Business had been appointed partner and recommended service provider to the British Antiques Dealers’ Association (BADA). It seems only right that for an organisation like BADA, who place such great emphasis on establishing and maintaining confidence between its members and the public, that they have forged a partnership with a trustworthy company who dedicate their time to getting to know and meeting the needs of their valued clients”.


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